2. Tohoku


Appi Kogen Mori no Hotel onsen
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Appi Kogen Mori no Hotel

A hot spring resort to savor Maesawa wagyu beef and beautifying baths Experience the miraculous…

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Hoshinoresorts Bandaisan Onsen Hotel

Highland resort with nature and hot springs, spreading across the base of Mt. Bandai. Cherry…

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Active Resorts MIYAGI ZAO

Active Resorts MIYAGI ZAO is a resort hotel located in plateau overlooking Miyagi, the magnificent Mt….

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Enjoy not only our breakfast, but also our dinner and restaurants inside the inn. Experience…

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Onyado Toho

As if you are floating in the sky, enjoy the outdoor bath and see the…

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Hanamaki Onsen Kashoen

Surrounded by the red pine trees and buildings built in the Sukiya-zukuri style, enjoy the…

Tohoku Onsen (Hot Springs)

Togatta Onsen Kokeshi dolls Kokeshi bashi bridge

Togatta Onsen: An onsen town preserving the tradition of cute kokeshi dolls

  At the foot of Mount Zao on the border between Miyagi Prefecture and Yamagata…

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Akiu Onsen Rairaikyo Gorge

Akiu Onsen: A hot spring in the great outdoors once beloved by Japan’s famous warlord

  A 30-minute drive from Sendai Station in Miyagi Prefecture to the west brings you…

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Kaminoyama Onsen attractive castle town

Kaminoyama Onsen: Mild Onsen in an attractive castle town

  Located in Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture and surrounded by mountains, such the Zao Mountains,…

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Bandai Atami Onsen

Bandai Atami Onsen: An onsen resort with the legend of “onsen for beautiful skin”

Photo:Koriyama City Tourist Association   Located in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, Bandai Atami Onsen is…

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Sukayu Onsen

Sukayu Onsen: The historic “fountain of healing above the clouds”

  Sukayu is located 925 meters above sea level atop the refreshing highlands of the…

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Hanamaki Onsen-kyo: A dozen hot springs in a town of flowers

  In the western part of Iwate Prefecture’s Hanamaki City, centered along the Dai-gawa and…

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Naruko Onsen

Naruko Onsen-Kyo Village: diverse waters in Tohoku’s great spa town

  At the northernmost point of Miyagi Prefecture are the five hot springs that make…

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Zao Onsen

Zao Onsen: 1,900 years since its opening! One of the oldest onsen towns in Japan

  Straddling Yamagata Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture, Zao Onsen used to prosper as the west-side…

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Koganezaki Furofushi Onsen

Koganezaki Furofushi Onsen:Soaking in an open-air bath while watching the sunset sinking over the horizon and listening to the sound of the surf provides the ultimate in relaxation time.

Open-air bath with a view of the sea Koganezaki Furofushi Onsen is in Aomori Prefecture…

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shirabu onsen

Shirabu Onsen: A quiet time surrounded by pure white snow

  Located in Yonezawa City, Yamagawa Prefecture, Shirabu Onsen is a long-established onsen with a…

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Iizaka onsen

Iizaka Onsen: Revitalize Yourself with Hot Spring Water and Fruit

  Iizaka Onsen is located in Fukushima City, an inland area of Fukushima Prefecture. Recognized…

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Nyuto onsen

Nyutou Onsen: Hot spring connoisseurs’ favorite hidden gem surrounded by mountains

  Located at the foot of Mount Nyuto in Akita Prefecture, the Tohoku Region, Nyuto…

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asamushi onsen

Asamushi Onsen: Great onsen surrounded by the ocean and mountains

  Located at the base of the Natsudomari Peninsula facing Mutsu Bay in Aomori Prefecture…

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