2. Hokuriku


Eiheiji Hakujukan Zazen
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Eiheiji Hakujukan

Let the Zen Concierge guide you to the Temple of Peace, Daihonzan Eiheiji Immerse yourself…

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ROYAL HOTEL YAMANAKA ONSEN KAJIKASO is a resort hotel located in Kaga hot-spring village, Ishikawa….

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Taikanso Senami no Yu

Savor the picturesque sunset of the Sea of Japan, while soaking in the open-air bath…

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Araya Totoan

A traditional ryokan loved by the Maeda family, members of the Imperial family, and guests…

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Gokasanso is a hotel located in Gokayama Onsen hot spring resort near Gokayama and well…

Hokuriku Onsen (Hot Springs)

Unazuki Onsen Kurobe Gorge Kurobe Gorge Railway train torokko

Unazuki Onsen: One of the best onsen areas in the Hokuriku region, at a beautiful gorge

  Along the Kurobe-gawa River which flows between the Tateyama Mountains and Ushirotateyama Mountains in…

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Awara Onsen Foot bath

Awara Onsen: One of the biggest onsen towns in Fukui, home to a food stall village with a cozy atmosphere

  Located in the northern part of Fukui Prefecture with hilly terrain to the north…

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Yamashiro Onsen: a prestigious onsen beloved by a great artist

  Yamashiro Onsen is part of Kaga Onsen-kyo in Ishikawa Prefecture, which is known for…

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Wakura Onsen: a seaside hot spring town discovered by the White Heron

  Set on Ishikawa Prefecture’s Noto Peninsula, Wakura Onsen is an “ocean hot spring,” rare…

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yamanaka onsen

Yamanaka Onsen: Onsen in a valley with a history and traditional culture of 1,300 years

  Yamanaka Onsen in Ishikawa Prefecture has a long history: it is said that the…

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