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  3. 18 hot springs in Minakami: enjoy onsen in a town blessed with abundant nature and water resource

18 hot springs in Minakami: enjoy onsen in a town blessed with abundant nature and water resource

Minakami Onsen

Located in the northern part of Gunma Prefecture, Minakami is a town with rich water resources surrounded by grand mountains. Recently, the town has become known for water activities and also proudly offers visitors a chance to enjoy 18 unique onsen. From a hidden onsen in an isolated inn to an onsen area in the ongoing renovation, a variety of onsen facilities are in this area.

Minakami Onsen Minakami Onsen

Minakami Onsen consists of a total of 18 hot springs, including nine in the Minakami Onsen area, five in the Sarugakyo Mikuni Onsen area, and four in the Tsukinoyo-Kamimoku Onsen area, which have various kinds of water and efficacy.

Minakami Onsen as the center of the Minakami Onsen area has an old onsen town with several large-scale ryokan hotels. Hoshi Onsen Chojukan hotel inside the national park has two buildings which have been nationally designated as a Tangible Cultural Property and a large-scale bath facility, in a tranquil atmosphere which is perfect for an attractive hidden onsen. Takaragawa Onsen with a huge open-air bath stretching as far as 470 tatami mats (857 square meters) along the river offers a great view while you take a bath listening to the murmur of the stream close by. Each of the onsen areas, also including Sarugakyo Onsen looking down at the beautiful Lake Akaya, and Uenohara Onsen with a great view of the mountains at around 2,000 meters altitude, has different attractive landscapes and sites to see. There are many ryokan hotels offering drop-in onsen facilities, so we recommend you have an onsen-hopping experience by renting a car.

Minakami Onsen Takaragawa Onsen Takaragawa Onsen

Minakami Onsen Sarugakyo Onsen Sarugakyo Onsen

Minakami Onsen Uenohara Onsen Uenohara Onsen

Minakami Town is called a sacred place for water sports and activities! Canyoning, in which you travel in canyons using your physical skills, and rafting, in which you use an inflatable raft to go down rough water are very thrilling! There are also activities for you to relax and enjoy, such as SUP (standup paddle boarding) and canoeing, so you can fully enjoy the wilderness. After being physically active, you can immerse yourself in onsen to warm up and relax your body.

Minakami Onsen Rafting Rafting

Minakami Onsen SUP SUP

The 18 onsen in Minakami are recommended for all of those who want to enjoy strolling around an onsen area with a quaint atmosphere, those who want to spend a relaxing time in a quiet ryokan hotel, or those who want to enjoy onsen hopping. From the unique 18 onsen surrounded by abundant nature, offering a place to refresh yourself, find your favorite one.

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*The information herein is as of April 2021.


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